Marginal Value


Marginal Value analysis text documents and reports back the letter length of each word, these values can then be used to trigger different time measures of sounds. Marginal Value makes musique concrete in the style of Pierre Schaeffer.
 In this example Marginal Value is operating on Cultural Activism In The Community by Michael Buser and Jane Arthurs.

Marginal Values' value is a marginal value, that is he is a joke of an agent, based on a character that doesn't really get it, like a recent convert to a flash in the pan idea, but has to make the loudest noise. He does a very basic, and not very relevant mapping of his data, and then confidently uses it just to make a noise.In the creation of a community of agents Marginal Values' value is to offer a broad spectrum of non-humanity,to include characters that don't necessarily have a direct connection to the research brief, to add background noise.