Muggletonian Marginal

Muggletonian Marginal is the last surviving member of the Muggletonian religious sect, digitised for prosperity.

this is what wiki has to say about the Muggletonians

The Muggletonians, named after Lodowicke Muggleton, were a small Protestant Christian movement which began in 1651 when two London tailors announced they were the last prophets foretold in the biblical Book of Revelation. The group grew out of the Ranters and in opposition to the Quakers. Muggletonian beliefs include a hostility to philosophical reason, a scriptural understanding of how the universe works and a belief that God appeared directly on Earth as Christ Jesus. A consequential belief is that God takes no notice of everyday events on Earth and will not generally intervene until it is meant to bring the world to an end.
Muggletonians avoided all forms of worship or preaching, and met only for discussion and socializing. The movement was egalitarian, apolitical and pacifist, and resolutely avoided evangelism. Members attained a degree of public notoriety by cursing those who reviled their faith. This practice ceased in the mid-nineteenth century. One of the last victims was the novelist Sir Walter Scott.

Muggletonian Marginals task is to search the Productive Margins archive and dispute the validity of reference publications in papers due to their perspective of philosophical reason. Being a Muggletonian also makes him excellent at curses and using this skill he directs his bile at the author.