Mark Marginal

Mark Marginal performs Markov chain analysis on text documents in the Productive Margins archive, and uses the results to write surrealist type poetry.
Mark's programming enables him to read written documents then develop a table of possible following words for a given word.
He then uses this table to construct new sentences from the original document. If Mark performs analysis on two different texts these can be combined to produced new hybrid sentences from two different sources.
The chart below might illuminate the process further.

using this Markov table we can reconstruct the original sentence "i saw a dog on a rug and a cat saw me on the horse and cart" into a few possibilities.

a dog on the horse and cart
on the horse and a rug and cart
i saw a rug and a cat saw a dog on the horse and cart

Here is the wiki page for Markov chains
Here are some examples of written chains produced by Mark Marginal's cousin Mark Offenhand.

below is an example of what might happen if William Wordsworth was ask to write the Ontario Community Arts Workbook

Here is a little of the text produced

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