Key Marginal

Research documents can contain a section where keywords relating to the subject matter are listed.

Using these words as a basis for a search criteria Key Marginal searches through documents in the Productive Margins archive getting audibly excited when he comes across a match.
Key Marginals function is to run in the background, constantly browsing the archive, as the user is using the computer for something else. The users attention is grabbed as Key Marginal becomes more excited about a particular document, bringing to their attention a paper that might be worth a look.
Simular to the Genuine People Personalities as explored by Douglas Adams in The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, where doors are programmed to enjoy opening, and have a bright sunny personality.

Key Marginal reads through the documents at a rate comparable to a university researcher, foregoing the super speed search capabilities of a computer, the acquisition of knowledge from Key Marginal is a slower, constant assimilation, rather than a wham-bam of a google search. Key Marginal suggests information that user may (or may not) find useful,  maybe not at that particular moment , but to keep abreast of the research as a whole,  to suggest new routes for research.